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GPTStonks is a sophisticated financial chatbot designed to empower retail investors with comprehensive financial data for informed decision-making.

Your personal financial companion

Advanced AI Integration

Due to state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technology, GPTStonks Chat seamlessly interfaces with leading data providers, including OpenBB and DuckDuckGo, providing a unified and robust experience.

Simplified Complexity

Utilize natural language commands to access a sophisticated suite of tools. GPTStonks Chat ensures a user-friendly experience without compromising on depth.

Comprehensive Financial Insights

From real-time company updates to in-depth analysis of stocks, currencies, crypto, and ETFs, GPTStonks Chat delivers a wealth of financial knowledge at your fingertips.

Universal Accessibility

Whether on a phone, tablet, or computer, GPTStonks Chat offers a responsive web interface for a seamless user experience.

Master Financial Data

GPTStonks Chat employs advanced data visualization techniques to generate aesthetically pleasing charts from raw data. Additionally, we will soon integrate financial indicators, backtesting and complex reasoning algorithms.

Open Source

Explore our project, a well-established solution crafted with state-of-the-art Open Source technologies. Continuously maintained and matured, it operates under the MIT license, fostering an inclusive and transparent environment for all users.

More than just a chatbot

Native Tables and Complex Data Insights

In the realm of financial data analysis, the integration of tables and charts offers a multifaceted approach. Tables serve as a repository for numerical data, facilitating easy comparison. Complementing this, our team is developing advanced AI algorithms and financial indicators to extract complex insights from the tabular data retrieved. Whether you're seeking in-depth market analysis or predictive modeling, our integrated approach delivers actionable intelligence to drive informed decisions.

Table viewTable View of Financial Data

Dynamic Insights with Customizable Candle Charts

Beyond the structured tabular format, candle charts are a powerful tool for visualizing market trends. The interactive nature of TradingView's Lightweight Charts enables adjusting the chart's timeframe, allowing users to zoom in or out for a granular or holistic view of historical price movements. Users can customize the y-axis for control over the scale and granularity. This dynamic combination ensures a seamless transition between numerical precision and visual clarity, empowering users to tailor their analyses, spot trends, and make informed financial decisions.

TradingView Lightweight ChartsTradingView Lightweight Charts for Market Analysis

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